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Granger Industries has a lengthy history of exceptional design, manufacturing quality and a reputation for surpassing expectations in rotational molding and manufacturing. With roots to John Grimes Sr. who is known as one of the "founding fathers" of Roto-molding in the USA, a foundation for Granger was developed from this experience. His son, also John Grimes founded Granger Industries, Inc. in 1994. A 40 year trailblazer himself the Grimes families influence was indispensable within the history of Rotational Molding and Granger Industries has followed closely this reputation.

By 1998 the business had to expand in both ability and capacity. Expansion in machinery and equipment were made to increase there company’s rotational molding capabilities and enabling Granger to produce larger parts. It was also at that time that John needed additional help with the developing business, so they added an important member to the team.

The new member was Jim Cravens. For a long period of time Jim and John had been associates. Jim was hired during a significant duration of growth and expansion essential to the success of the company. A Mechanical Engineer with varied experience Jim brought over 25 years of knowledge in metal fabrications. Much of this information was obtained during his period in the commercial lawn mower industry which included design, research, development and manufacturing duties. He additionally brought to the table practically twenty years of rotational molding experience to additionally strengthen his extensive understanding. This significant combination was the excellent match for Granger's specific needs.

Granger Industries continued to broaden its range of work into an extensive number of industries. The expansion has continued through full service custom rotational molding and into proprietary items. Granger has made a number of major expansions including increasing warehousing capacities to house even more material to make the most of gain from competitive material pricing, along with adding considerable investments to increase capacity for in-house fabrications and repair work. These improvements all assist in bringing the most competitive prices for customers allowing us all to grow. Granger has additionally made great strides in collaborating with pigment makers and making great impact by using additives to produce custom-made colors. These ventures permit several advancements particularly in utilizing polyethylene to convert products from various other materials while minimizing the visual distinctions. Converting items from inferior construction and materials to rotationally molded polyethylene is a growing area that Granger Plastics has continued to stand out.

The current lines of proprietary additions include ForeverSafe Products, theft deterrent cemetery vases and urns. After recognizing a recurring issue of the theft of bronze vases in cemeteries around the country Granger developed a polyethylene vase made to mimic the appearance of bronze without having inherent worth. This theft prevention item gives families that have actually experienced the theft of a bronze vase an option to replacing with a beautiful product while combating future theft.

Granger has also launched Granger Aerospace Products, an additional branch of the business. This development in to the air cargo and aerospace industry moves Granger into territories that can be greatly enhanced by the benefits of rotational molding. The air cargo containers created by Granger Aerospace Products supply options to several issues seen in the aerospace industry. These developments are the backbone of a business that remains to lead in whatever industry it pursues.

A Lengthy Record of Manufacturing Tornado Shelters

It was first hand experience of molding tornado shelters as part of its custom work that led Granger to develop and produce its own shelter, the Granger ISS, to deal with the common problems seen with other shelter designs.

The foundation and research into this product was the motivation of the initial design of the Granger ISS which solved several issues seen in several various other shelter layouts. Branching off in to the unique design of the Granger ISS has really enabled improvements to continue throughout the advancement of this product. Unlike the typical shelter manufacturer the developments and additions to the Granger ISS have continuously been applied. There is a testimony to the dedication to excellence Granger Plastics has for all of its products.

Dedicated to Continuing Advancement of the Granger ISS Shelter

Installation is an issue other shelter producers have not had the flexibility to navigate. Complicated anchoring systems and floating problems appear to plague many varieties of other shelter layouts. This issue was the premise for the reverse taper design of the ISS which allowed the unit to be installed without any kind of added anchoring, an absolutely cutting edge thought in the shelter market. The door being at an angle or partly out of the ground was another issue many others units had which is why the door of the ISS was created to be level with the ground. These two innovations were the initial enhancements the Granger ISS took on yet there would be many more to follow.

From that success Granger remained to make advancements to offer a more secure and visually satisfying unit. Granger has actually continued to develop the door for easier entry and exit. The present door model includes a double shock system for the most convenient lift needed to open and close the door. The door additionally is offered in several personalized colors which allow consumers to minimize the appearance of the shelter with landscape design or coordinate with house shades. Coordinating vent caps are additionally available and a brand-new bolted on vent style allowing several venting options. Spacing included around the door structure allows optimum and consistent air flow in to the system enabling the vent to in fact be a second source of oxygen.

Granger has continued to develop the entry with a non skid area and now features a LED light system for improved visibility when getting in the shelter. The easy 3 step entry and articulating handrails were additional safety attributes in the initial design. This entry permits people to get to protection quicker and easier.

Lastly the most recent development of foam filling the system not only substantially enhances the ease of installation, but also significantly resists condensation and regulates the interior temperature inside the shelter. Development is an integral part of Granger's manufacturing philosophy and the advancements to the Granger ISS is one of many instances of that dedication.